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Get infused confidence from prevention of counterfeiting or abuse of Brand or name of company by counterfeiters. With innovative solutions in Holography. Ocular Holography Films Pvt. Ltd always gives technical awe to counterfeiters and competitors
Versatile range of holograms for flexible uses
We bring to you a wide range of Security Solutions and range of Holographic Stickers, Paper Stickers, Holograms, Security Ink, Labels, Holographic Sealing Strip, Hot Stamping Holographic Foil, Holographic Lamination Film, Cast and Cure film that can be used in a wide range of industries like FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Packaging, Publications, Liquor, Automobiles, Hardware Etc.
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One of our manufacturing marvels is the Sequin films. Sequin film is made of reusable Polyester and Free PVC, AZO, Cadmium, Phthalate and Lead. Our standards are of international quality that is why we are preferred supplier of many of biggest brands of India and elsewhere. Our state of the art manufacturing unit complies all production and quality standards set by Indian and international bodies.


Automotive spare parts industry is severely suffering from counterfeiting and breach of intellectual properties. We are proven experts who can deliver anti-counterfeiting solutions which are unique and most advanced and non-replicable by others.


With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities of cold lamination holographic film, Cast and Cure Film used for cover papers of Book to add value in product. These Holographic films are customized to the need of publishers so that publication is protected from counterfeiting


For protection of duplicacy, leakages of expansive electronics item at any stage of value chain, we manufacture text temper evident stickers/holograms for electronic businesses that can be customized relevantly with printed information such as serializations and company logos. 


Quality and authentication are of great significance to the pharmaceutical industry. We provide Paper Labelsholographic labels and security solutions for the pharmaceutical business for a diverse range of functionalities. 


We serve several federal and state govt departments with Security Hologram of most advanced covert and overt security features, security inks etc. We specialize in manufacturing of Holographic seals that are applied in case of Government verifications such as collectibles or IDs. 

The main motto is- Customer Satisfaction, top-notch security and Quality Assurance

Our prime objective is to deliver excellent quality with outstanding anti-counterfeit features. Our holograms guarantee the satisfaction of patrons and become the benchmark of assurance. With a dedicated team of highly skilled experts, our team accommodates the technology and knowledge that is required for stringent product testing post the manufacturing process. In a nutshell, our holograms are built on the cornerstone of quality, security, and thorough testing.

Hologram Stickers

Holograms have 3D effects and are made of special ingredients and process. Use of hologram became need of hour as many brands are facing leakages in revenue due counterfeiting, IP Breach and pilferage or unauthorized access. A Hologram bears several security features which are created by special labs, machines and ingredients. Hologram enables the brand and its consumer to identify between the original and counterfeit product hence there are certain chances of improvement of revenue by protecting brand.

Hologram Labels

Industries like FMCG, Pharmaceutical etc use labels on their products. Labels are categorized in Paper and Film. We in our facility manufacture all kind of labels with use of world’s best machinery.

Holographic Foils

If branding is your problem, then our holographic films can be your ultimate solution. We specialize in providing industries with customized solutions that are made as per the customer specifications. Opt for our tailor-made holographic films and secure your name in the dynamic industry.

About Us

Ocular Holography Films Pvt. Ltd. Is a groundbreaking initiative of providing the highest quality hologram labels at an inexpensive price. With focus on innovation and cutting edge technology development approach , we intend to deliver top-notch security when it comes to brand protection solutions like holograms, holographic films or sequin films. We take pride in our diligent staff and sheer dedication to provide a number of products including security holograms, sequin films, holographic 3D films, holographic metalized transfer paper, Tax Stamp Holograms coated films, hot stamping labels, and much more. All you need to do is to get in touch with us and we will tell you what our inventory has in store for you.