Security Hologram

Security holograms are used widely in numerous banknotes around the world and especially by people who are of high denominations for security reasons. With highly specialized technology, advanced instrumentation, and best-in-class security, we manufacture and deliver security holograms that are carefully designed to serve the purpose. At Ocular Holography solutions, we specialize in developing security holographs that are used for identification and verification purposes. We fabricate holograms on security holograms that are highly difficult to forge.

Hologram Stickers

Hologram stickers are a well-liked alternative because they are cost-effective and they prove to be a perfect representation of the mark of authentication for your brand. They are pretty straightforward to use and provide security for purchase. We develop hologram stickers that no black-market expert can copy. With constant upgrades and insightful designs, we make holograms that can speak volumes about your ideas.

Hologram Labels

Holographic labels are greatly preferred when it comes to security and advertisement causes. They don’t just prove to be a great personification for your brand image, but they can also be an awesome alternative to imprint your company name, logo, consecutive serial range, and alternative options on a single hologram. We manufacture and deliver holograms with a wide variety of security measures like hidden codes, optical device listing, tamper-evident, etc. Opt for our holograms and make your product an authentic hit in your niche.

Holographic Foils

To add a touch of customization, for branding, or to make their packaging secure, several companies are incorporating holographic security in aluminium foils as well. The foils go brilliantly together with custom-designed holographic pictures and merge seamlessly with your product. We provide holographic hot stamping oil for several industries that can be used by different printers for security and customization.

Holographic Coupons

Piracy, counterfeiting, and forgery of coupons are an all-time affair. People usually forge their coupons to get discounts or offers that aren’t meant to be for them. This doesn’t just pose a threat to the image and name of the product or company, but this can also be a huge loss for your revenues. For protecting the customers’ privacy and safeguarding the assets of any company, we develop holographic coupons that cannot be replicated at any cost.

Holographic Tags

Whether you are looking for permanent tags on your merchandise or temporary tags for your apparel business, we always have something in store for you. With eye-catching designs, the proof of legitimacy, the message that you want to convey, or the product code, we can design any sort of hologram that you want to personalize as per your needs. Equipped with the latest available technology in the industry, we tend to be the best when it comes to manufacturing holographic tags.