Ocular Holography Films Pvt. Ltd is on a quest to serve a myriad of industries. With an aim to provide unrivaled quality and unfathomable security solutions, we constantly try to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Education & Stationary Hologram Stickers

Education & Stationary

At Ocular, we believe in the art of versatility. This is why we design holograms that can be applied on a variety of surfaces including stationeries, books, or cartridges. The beautiful, bold, electric tones of our holograph come in different sizes and are made up of vinyl to leave minimal or no mark when you remove them.

Sports & Fitness Hologram Stickers

Sports & Fitness

We believe in the fact that style is everything! Our sports and fitness products include stylishly designed color combos of holograms that merge perfectly with the ascent off your sports and fitness merchandise. Our anti-counterfeiting holographic sports labels protect your brand from counterfeiting and the premium chrome vinyl that we use is rated for the highest-rated durability in the market.

Entertainment industry Hologram Stickers


The entertainment industry is about grabbing attention, and so are our holograms. With an exquisite designing process and the latest technology, we manufacture holograms that are high-catching and secure.

Footwear industry Hologram Stickers


Our holograms are wear and tear-resistant along with being waterproof. You can use them on footwear or you can use them on the packaging depending on your choice. Our weather proof/ water resistant vinyl holographic stickers and are multi-dimensional with the colour changing effects which make them an ideal match for the footwear industry.

Packed Foods Hologram Stickers

Packaged Foods

The packaged food industry is most susceptible to adultery. To preach the healthy standards of living, we deal in manufacturing high-quality holograms that can be an absolute hit for verifying the legitimacy of packaged food. Ranging from holographic stickers to holographic films, we have everything that you can use for brand recognition or packaging in the packaged food industry.

Telecom Hologram Stickers


Using our newest holographic techniques for the telecom sector, we have created a ripple in the industry by providing quality standards. Our holograms can be used as a beneficial security option for the telecom industry and IT companies to hide codes, numbers and sensitive passwords. We have holograms available in metallized polyester, PET, PVC, Vinyl, PP, etc. You can tell us what you want and we can craft a personalised hologram for you.  

Agro Hologram Stickers


With in-depth knowledge and years of expertise, we have developed technology that can be the industry leader in manufacturing holograms for the agro industry. For the agro industry, we have some exquisite range of holograms that range from text temper evident stickers/holograms to holographic foils, films and holograms with 2D and 3D embossing on them.

Tobacco Hologram Stickers


Customized holographic pouches fall in the range of our list of specialities. The safety is increase by infusing it with optical resonance and taper evident attributes, which can be a win-win for the tobacco industry. Our holographic security labels accommodate scratch preventive security cuts that can destruct the holograms when someone tries to tamper them.

Ecommerce Hologram Stickers


Our manufacturing process is as revolutionary as the online retail industry. To establish your brand authority, and mark your products, you can always invest your trust in our holograms. Our e-commerce holograms are made with certified quality management processes and feature a seamless integration of QR codes into the on-demand self-servicing authentication and customer engagement platform.

Electronics & Electricals Hologram Stickers

Electronics & Electrical

Safety before anything! We develop holograms for the electronics and electrical industry to mark the safety standards of the appliances manufactured by the industry leaders. The variable information in the holographs are imprinted by using laser marking, ink-jet marking, UV cured marking and thermal transfer. Additional levels of security also possible with invisible codes, numbering, and multi-colour and exploding fonts. Our holograms are highly durable and can be customized according to the needs of the electrical industry.

Liquor Industries Hologram Stickers

Liquor Industries

With bewitching designs and great finish our holograms for the liquor industry are designed to ad finesse and class to the posh liquor packages. The holograms that we manufacture for the liquor industry are made up of multiple two-dimensional layers with the hologram images visually placed one behind the other to produce an effect of visual depth and 3D hologram structure. Such images consist of thin lines that can be seen at large angles of diffraction. Besides the holographic stickers and labels are waterproof, which make them ideal for beverage containers.

Apparels & Fashions Hologram Stickers

Apparels & Fashions

Whether there is a need for permanent holograms or temporary holograms that can be washable or removable, we have a wide array of products for the fashion and apparel industry. With bright hues and delicate quality, our range of holograms is simply irresistible when it comes to apparel and fashions. The Sequin films. Sequin film is made of reusable Polyester and Free PVC, AZO, Cadmium, Phthalate and Lead, making apparels attractive and marking their authentication.

FMCG Hologram Stickers


For the world of fast-moving consumer goods, we have brought affordable holograms that work like magic for verification in the retail sector. We facilitate infra-red ink printing with 3D and 2D holograms for the FMCG Industry that can be a tremendous alternative just like the high-security laser security holograms. We also have smart connected labels especially for the FMCG industry that are created using security graphic design techniques. With multi-level security, our holographic labels ensure that consumers and inspectors identify counterfeits, parallel trading, return fraud, product dilution or production overrun.

Petroleum Hologram Stickers


Promoting safety and understanding the health hazards related to the petroleum industry, we have developed holograms that are easy to recognize and impossible to replicate. Our barcode levels are water proof and self-adhesive and they do not cause any damage to the surface on which they are pasted. Our holograms are made on a metalized polyester film and the holographic stickers and labels that we produce utilize total usage of adjusting techniques and UV embossing on the level.

Educational Hologram Stickers


Ocular Holography Films always work hand in hand with the educations sector. To make authentication easier, we have developed a robust system to design flawless holograms that are simple to verify. If you want a trademark for your product, then our hologram stickers can represent you brand through a multi-layered design. Whether you seek the rainbow dispersion method, or stick to a more mainstream idea, we have every type of tamper-evident holographic films for you in our inventory.

Pharmaceutical Hologram Stickers


The pharmaceutical industry is facing a substantial challenge in combating legitimacy issues. This is why at Ocular, we have come up with innovative Holography ideas to provide companies the trademark of quality. Our holographic pharmaceutical labels can be used to provide custom specifications along with brand identity. You can use the holograms in blister packaging as they are made from hard and soft aluminium with the employment of advanced printing techniques. The overt and covert features in our holograms include nano-optical images, laser. Readable holography, QR-codes, tamper-evident films, scratch codes and taggant ink

Banking Hologram Stickers


The monetary sector probably features the most widespread use of holograms. We manufacture a stringent quality check and identifiable attributes that make our holograms distinct. At Ocular simplicity, blended with quality is everything! We can also add several other security feature such as Invisible Text (U.V and I.R Coding) to mark the genuineness of your banking medium such as notes. As the hologram printing is done purely using lasers and not inks, our security holograms are not possible to reproduce by photocopying. You can get the holograms in both sheets as well as reels based on your dispensing needs and we offer hologram stickers with variable information such as alphanumeric sequential numbering, bar codes, random codes, QR codes and hologram labels.



At Ocular, we feel to be privileged in finding the latest innovations in holograms for the automobile industry. With designs that speak volumes, efficacious quality, and unbeatable security, our holograms are the ones that can be your ultimate weapon to prevent forgery of your brand products. We manufacture tamper proof, custom-sized, transparent holograms in different finishes with the rainbow transmission technique that generate a 3-Dimensional effect.